Our Story

Mud & Madder evolved slowly on its own. The name holds a lot of significance as it represents the joining and collaboration of two woman-owned small businesses, Fettle & Fire and Muddy Mint.

Mud is the ceramics side and Madder is the soap making side. Both represent a return to our roots and making useful things by hand. Pottery, one of the oldest human inventions (dating back 20,000 years!) makes use of mud and clay. Soapmaking, which dates back to the Babylonians who made soap from fats boiled with ashes, uses Madder Root as a natural red colorant.

When we make things by hand, we’re channeling a part of ourselves that is rooted in our history. While the making is incredibly rewarding on its own, the community that is created when working with other makers and sharing our craft with others, is invaluable. We hope to bring all local makers together and also teach you that you can make anything you want yourself. Our goal is to create a culture of making instead of consuming.

Meet Lindsey, owner of Fettle & Fire

It has been a long journey to get here – when I started my Etsy shop in 2011, we lived in a little rental house, and my workshop was in a tiny, rickety, DRAFTY old shed.  There were times I’d work all night to prepare a full kiln for firing, only to realize that the kiln couldn’t begin because it was literally frozen.  Ahhh, the cuss words that followed when I was forced to carry everything back indoors.

Right now, I’m focusing on vintage (mostly Midcentury Modern) slipcasting, as well as some hand-built ceramics and customized wedding decor.  And planters.  You don’t want to get me started about my love for planters (let’s just say it runs deep).

 Meet Simi, owner of Muddy Mint

My road to soap making has been a slow, gradual one. I started off selling handmade jewelry in my Etsy shop, Fiber & Shine, in 2014. That led to dabbling in various pastimes, such as metal stamping, metal smithing, knitting & crochet, until I started soap making in 2016. It became an instant addiction and I began my new Etsy shop, Muddy Mint, in August of 2016.

I met Lindsey through our love of Etsy and we had a combined table at the amazing Holiday Market held in Longmont in December of 2016. Our idea was to collaborate on various items, namely soap dishes + soap and candles. We had so much fun with it and wanted to keep going. What started off as weekly meetings in coffee shops, eventually turned to discussing dreams of owning retail space.

As luck would have it, I found a one-line ad on Craigslist for a property at 712 Main. We both jumped on it and our dream has now turned into reality! We have a lot of plans for this space, including supporting local handmade makers (contact us if you are one!), winter and summer markets, classes & workshops, pop-up shops, walk-in DIY craft tables, not to mention housing both of our studios. We look forward to hanging out with you!