Private Event: Natural Sugar Scrub Workshop

Instructor: Simi of Muddy Mint Handmade Soap
Location: Mud & Madder, 712 Main St, Old Town Longmont
Price: $30 per person for group of six
Day & Time: Sunday November 5, 2017 | 6:30pm to 8:30pm

In this hands on workshop, you’ll learn how to formulate a custom sugar scrub with all-natural ingredients. We’ll go over a base sugar scrub recipe and how you can customize that recipe to suit your individual preferences. We’ll talk about the benefits of using natural ingredients in your sugar scrub, when to use salt vs. sugar, and discuss the extra ingredients you can use to add more exfoliating power to your scrub. We’ll also go over how to mix essential oils and create a custom scent blend. Finally, we’ll have an opportunity to test our scrubs (and those of others!). At the end of the class, you’ll go home with three different all-natural sugar scrubs.