{ Become a } Morning Person - Artisan Series Soap (100% Natural)
{ Become a } Morning Person - Artisan Series Soap (100% Natural)
{ Become a } Morning Person - Artisan Series Soap (100% Natural)
{ Become a } Morning Person - Artisan Series Soap (100% Natural)
{ Become a } Morning Person - Artisan Series Soap (100% Natural)

{ Become a } Morning Person - Artisan Series Soap (100% Natural)

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Morning Person is part of my Artisan Soap Series and is 100% natural, vegan, and palm-oil free. 

NOTE: This soap can be purchased as a wide bar with a label or a tall-skinny bar with no label. The cost is the same for both. Once it sells out, this soap will no longer be made.

ALSO NOTE: the colors in this soap changed quite a bit after curing. See second picture for a better idea of the final colors.

This soap is made with a generous amount of cocoa butter and is shea butter free, for those with sensitivities. The bottom portion is exfoliating due to the addition of coffee grounds and walnut hull powder. The all-natural plant-based colorants include: safflower powder, madder root, coffee grounds, walnut hull powder, alkanet root, and annatto seed powder.

This soap is scented with an invigorating, wake-me-up blend of Grapefruit, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus. The dominant scent is the uplifting grapefruit.

INGREDIENTS (in order of weight)
Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Cocoa Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Essential Oil Blend { grapefruit + peppermint + eucalyptus }, Plant Based Colorants (safflower, madder root, coffee grounds, walnut hull, alkanet root, annatto).

Here's the LONG story: I am soooo not a morning person, but if I take a shower in the morning it helps wake me up and I've been using both my Garden Mint and Lemon Scrub soaps in the morning. The peppermint and citrus both wake me up and the scrubbiness gives me some morning invigoration! So, I've been thinking about this Morning Person soap for a while. It would have coffee (of course!) for the exfoliant and it would be scented with a citrus peppermint blend for that happy wake-you-up feeling. At the same time, I joined the East Boulder County Artists group and I'm the only soapmaker in the group (obviously! we know soap is art, but most people don't). I've also been wanting to try a whole bunch of plant based colorants to showcase what they can do. My plan was to create an abstract painting-like feel to the soap, so it looks like a piece of art, since this soap will be displayed alongside "real" art (painting, pottery, jewelry, mixed media).
Soooo... After that long explanation, this soap has a "sea" of coffee at the bottom with a sunrise of natural plant based colorants. It is scented with a fresh, invigorating blend of grapefruit, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils. And, it'll make you a morning person! 


  • these bars weigh about 5 oz each in weight
  • bar dimensions are 3.5" w x 2.5" h x 1.125" d

Place your soap in a dish that drains (not flat on the tile or in a non-draining dish!) and ensure that it doesn't get wet between uses. This is optional, but it will definitely make your soap last longer.

All my products are handmade by me in very small batches in my studio in Longmont, Colorado. My soap is cold process soap, which means that I make the recipe from scratch with full control of all the ingredients. Each bar of soap cures for 4 to 6 weeks. This ensures that all the water has evaporated and leads to a harder bar of soap that will last longer.